Friday, 22 April 2011

Oh the joy of finishing

At 9:27am today I finished editing my novel. I can't tell you how wonderful that feels. I wouldn't say it's completely done yet because I'm letting a few people read it and no doubt they'll come back to me with stuff I'll need to change.

But I think it's about as perfect as I can get it for now without some feedback. I'm a bit blinded by the fact I know the story so well. I think the first big edit improved things hugely with a twist, scary sub plot and much more peril.

I'm excited and nervous as to what people are going say. I've sent it to my parents, boyfriend, best friend and a writer friend as well as two Twitter friends. I think they all represent a good cross section of readers, in and out of the book's demographic.

I'm going to have to be patient while people read it. I need to forget about it for a while and continue with Frankie's story (currently at 5k), I need to get Sanctuary well and truly out of my head. At least for a little while.

It's been such a big part of my life since November, can't believe I'm done!

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