Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Letting the inspiration come to you

I'm well on my way to releasing Sanctuary to the wild (read:beta readers) and I've been worrying about which of my part-written ideas I should focus on next. Will it be the sexy and exciting one or the angsty, homoerotic one?

Turns out neither. A burst of inspiration finally hit me for a character I've been itching to write about for a while. Remember Frankie who I mentioned in a flash fiction piece a few posts down? Well, she's the star of this show. I'm about 5k in and a bit unsure about the way I'm writing it but the storyline is very exciting.

I treated myself to another novel notebook. It's only Forgotten that doesn't have one now. I hope I can stick with this idea and finish a first draft before all my beta readers get back to me. I don't like the idea of having another novel almost done when I get Sanctuary back because it'll eat up all my inspiration.

I have a very short attention span, if I don't set myself the target of working on one thing then I would have lots and lots of unfinished bits and pieces.

So watch this space and expect a lot more from Frankie!

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