Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The new work in progress - Frankie.

IMG_9228I've churned out 7,000 words over the last week and a half. Not much compared to the speed at which some of you write but a figure I'm proud of nonetheless. I'm thinking of setting myself the target of getting to 10,000 words before The Legs comes to visit on Friday.

I've fallen in love with Frankie all over again and all these ideas are rushing at me in ways I never experienced with Sanctuary. In fact, Sanctuary feels like it was a complete struggle compared to my current writing frenzy. Although, no doubt, that'll fizzle out.

I've been doing loads of research into the Mayan thread that runs through the story. What's been difficult is separating the different eras of Mayan mythology so that the timelines of everything I'm referring to matches up.

I'm not going to go too deeply into Frankie's background or how on Earth all this vampire malarkey is connected to the Mayans but it is interesting and I know it will work. In fact I can't wait to write Frankie explaining it all.

I know in my head how it's all going to happen, how she's going to trickle through bits of her heritage to save Tyler's life and how another of the characters will stop at nothing to find out who she is. I realise none of you have any idea what I'm on about. Just watch this space, in my excitement I'm bound to leak more exciting plot snippets.

For now, I need to come up with a title. Just calling the book 'Frankie' will not work...

Or will it?

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