About Jet

My real name is Jess Shanahan but on the internet I'm usually know as Jet, Jettica or Jetlbomb. I am a company directory by day and everything else by night. I blog, write, read, create and day dream.

I'd love to be able to link you to all the places you can buy my published works but, Sanctuary is my first literary offering and it's not quite done.

Perhaps you will be content with fashion writings at Feeling Stylish or stuff about my local area at Love Norfolk.

In my day job I am a copywriter, web designer, blogger and marketing whiz. I own Jet Social.

I poor my heart and my soul into my fiction and because I'm a person who is overflowing with emotion. that often shines through in my words, or at least I hope it does. I'm posting snippets of flash fiction to this blog, it's my first foray into really finding out what people think of my writing. Because of that, your feedback is all the more appreciated.