Thursday, 5 May 2011

Growing a thicker skin

Since I've been writing Frankie I've known there was something wrong with the POV, I just wasn't sure what. So I went over to Absolute Write and posted the first 2000 words in their Share Your Work (SYW) forum.

Well, the POV was all wrong and I'm just going to go back to limited third, which is my strong point.

It was also pointed out that my sentence structure was all over the place. Run on sentences, fucked up clauses, need for the word 'and'. I hadn't realised but when it's pointed out it's very obvious. I corrected all I could in the critiqued piece and began to move through 11k of badly-written madness. The sentence structure wasn't as bad further in but it wasn't perfect. It's something I need to keep an eye on and address. I also have a tendency to word things very awkwardly. I'm a clunky writer.

I think, as M'colleague pointed out once, my writing is a stream of consciousness. I write as I'm thinking rather than carefully working out how to word something in my head before committing it to pixels.

I think I've fixed all that was wrong with Sanctuary, any run-on sentences and badly worded bits were taken out in the many drafts. Although, I'm very, very aware of structure now. The critique helped and I think it's going to improve me as a writer. I know the people reading Sanctuary aren't going to come back to me with really in depth technical crits. But I know I should be brave and possibly offer up Sanctuary to Absolute Write for betaing. They are going to be more honest about the things I might miss.

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