Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Improving on your first drafts

If you've read some earlier posts on this blog then you may know that I might not be the best at taking critique. Mainly because I've never had to do it before. My writing had always been for me and only me, that was until I began Sanctuary. I want to get it published so it's with beta readers.

Since sending it to those readers I've realised where I've made technical errors, I've learned more about structure and I've realised that the beginning chapters are too sparse and need fleshing out. I need more description and I need to fix the awkwardly worded parts. But I think I have a good story, there are twists, turns and peril. Hopefully it's a little scary too.

One beta reader who has finished Sanctuary is an amazing writer. I know her line-edits will help me improve and I can't wait to hear what else she has to say. I know that most of her critique will lead to me having to change and rewrite quite a lot. That's what Sanctuary needs, I feel there's something missing and there's something not working for me.

This is why beta readers are great. They can pinpoint all the little things that we, as writers, may miss because the world in our story is so firmly cemented into our heads.

I also have another beta reader who is putting together a document on how I can make my soldiers more military and other medical/army stuff I don't quite understand. I'm excited.

I think I'm going to find the critiques hard in the sense that I'll feel the need to fix Sanctuary instantly. I'll know that my writing is substandard in some way. Once these critiques come back don't expect to see me for a while.

How do you all feel about critiques, how do you feel when you read what someone has to say about your work? Positive or negative.

Here's to improvement! 

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