Thursday, 16 June 2011

From pantser to plotter

With Sanctuary I made a brief outline but realised I didn't really know where I wanted to go with it. I just assumed that as I wrote all the ideas would come to me. In a way that happened but I found myself getting to points where I was stuck and had no where to go.

During revisions I fixed all those filler scenes and made the plot a little stronger. Then I sent it to beta readers. It seems my plot is still full of holes.

I've also been reminded of all the grammatical issues there is with Sanctuary. There is so much that needs fixing. The problem with a piece that is so full of conspiracy and twists that it's easy to forget something. I was told by my beta reader that the creatures in the book weren't explained. They are but clearly not well enough. My simple explanation was enough for me but clearly won't be enough for readers to be pointed in the right direction to make their own assumptions.

So I've started writing out every plot point in an attempt to make all of it gel together a bit better. Once I've finished that (I'm struggling with conflict and a big baddie) I'm going to rewrite. Probably almost from scratch.

At the moment my muse isn't playing ball with Sanctuary so I've decided to leave it alone and only work on it when I really, really want to.

Instead I've spent my last two evenings writing up the ENTIRE plot for In the Heat of the Moment (working title), which is Tain's story.

I have a whole plot written down for the first time ever. I'm still not sure about the ending I've created but hopefully it'll all slot into place when I start writing (uhoh, here we go again).

So I've gone from just winging it to needing every tiny bit of plot written out. I really think this is best for me. I have a tendency to assume that readers are thinking what I'm thinking and as a result tend to be rather vague with any explanations.

I want to know, are you lost pantsers or plotters?

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