Saturday, 14 May 2011

Who takes your writing seriously?

Here is a bug that has no relevancy to this post.
It's always baffled me that people aren't more amazed that I've written a novel.

I don't expect people to do a song and dance about it, but my friends and family just don't seem to care. My boyfriend seems to think this is down to the fact that I start a lot of things and apparently never finish them. He said writing a novel is completely different to writing a lot of words. I think people just think I've strung together 100,000 words with no worth.

Either that or they had enough faith in me to know I'd write a novel and now they just aren't surprised.

It might be big headed of me to expect people to want to read my book without knowing what it's about but these are my family and friends. If a friend told me they'd written anything I'd be jumping at the chance to read it. Especially a novel.

It worries me a bit that my family/friends beta readers all seem to be on chapter four or five of Sanctuary. Are they stalling there, does the novel lose pace? Or are they all just slow readers who don't like reading from a computer/printed pages.

I need to stop worrying about this. I also need to write some sort of blurb for Sanctuary. People keep asking me what it's about and without going into huge amounts of detail I can't tell them.

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