Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The reading challenge

Last year I was so focused on writing that I neglected to do something I love. I must've only read one or two books in 2010. How is that even possible for someone who claims they love reading?

So for 2011 I set myself the target the read 30 books. It's perfectly doable and many people read way more than that in one year. So far I've read four (five if you count the first draft of Sanctuary), they've all been okay. I haven't read a book I've hated yet. The problem is I have quite a short attention span when it comes to reading, if I'm not grabbed straight away then I'll avoid that book at all costs, severely slowing down the challenge. I'm also overly critical, I think that stems from being a writer, I'm always questioning writers' stylistic choices when really I should be solely focusing on the story.

Jettica's to-read book montage

Zero at the Bone
Cut & Run
Liar's Waltz
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Great Gatsby

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So two things, firstly, please keep up with my progress on GoodReads and I'd love to know what books you'd recommend. Secondly, writers, do you find yourselves overly critical of the books you read?

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  1. Hi there. This is so funny, because I am EXACTLY the same way. When it comes to my taste in books, I'm like the 3-year-old who only eats hot dogs. I am VERY picky. I've always been this way though, and I think because of this, it makes me a much better writer.

    I haven't checked out your goodreads, but have you read "The Hunger Games" trilogy? Those are probably the best books I've ever read! From one short-attention span/picky reader to another, I highly recommend it!


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