Monday, 22 October 2012

Oh how I've changed!

I know a lot of you were really enjoying this blog and I'm so pleased that I've kept you all on GFC. I've taken a break from the creative writing side of things. I did work a bit on Heat of the Moment but just hit a wall around the 30k mark.

I know how I want it to end but I just don't know how to get there. I'm not inspired by it at the moment so I decided not to force it.

I started my own business, Jet Social, where I get to write wonderful things about cars, fashion, technology and marketing (as well as providing other services like web design, proof reading and PR) so that's taken up most of my time.

Ever since getting feedback about Sanctuary I've been itching to get writing but have just been stuck on the big bad thing that can act as something to rally against.

Last night I had a dream that just outlined everything perfectly for me. It cemented a character relationship, answered questions about the other people in the world I've created and inspired me to get writing.

NaNoWriMo is coming up so I'm going to use it to get the bulk of this rewrite done. Not much is staying the same, really and I'm going to be introducing a new story arc into it. In the first version there's a character that comes into it about halfway through but his back story is interesting with loads of angst so it's worth showing that.

It'll also give readers a valuable insight into the world and will show them how little the main character and those around her really know about the world they are living in.

I'm currently writing out the scene as it played out in my dream, although it is likely that it would never get into the final thing. For now, though, I need it out of my brain space.

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