Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Taking the next step with Sanctuary

IMG_9594Since getting some very useful feedback on it I've realised it needs a complete rewrite. There may be bits I reuse from the original but I'm going to treat the rewrite as a new novel (Sanctuary 2.0) based on an earlier work. I think this way I can distance myself from something I am clearly very attached to.

At the moment I'm not forcing it. I'm allowing it back into the forefront of my mind so character ideas and story progressions come naturally, but I've found I'm thinking about it more. I've started writing down ideas for further character development, more backstory and more supporting characters so the story doesn't seem so linear.

It seems like a massive step to rewrite my first 'completed' novel (i.e. first novel-length work). I think detaching myself from the first four drafts and creating something new and shiny is the best way forward for me. I've had loads of good feedback and there's been more inspiration thrust my way.

I know I need more peril, more hardships and a bigger bad guy. Some of that is coming to me and hopefully by the time In get around to rewriting this properly (NaNo 2011, maybe) I'll be able to do this story justice.

Anyone else been through anything similar? I need support, this story makes me feel very vulnerable.

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