Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Indulge in a 10k day once in a while

If I'm feeling a bit lost for inspiration or feel I haven't written much in a while then I will set aside a day to get a shit load of writing done.

A whole day dedicated just to churning out a lot of words with no thoughts to editing. Just words that will kick start the muse and move the story along.

A few Mondays ago I did just that. I'd intended to work on Frankie's story but when I sat down to actually write I had no inspiration.

What was inspiring me, however, was Forgotten (working title), a piece about a gentleman named Fabian who wakes up in the middle of London with no idea who he is. He's taken in by a rather dashing doctor who helps him get back on his feet. But as Fabian's memories start to return, he realises that he doesn't quite belong and that remembering who he is might not be the best thing for him or those he cares about.

I took at 17k story up to 24k. I didn't quite hit my 10k target but I got loads done and fuelled my passion for writing all over again. Since then I haven't been able to stop!

Do you ever set aside days to just write fuck loads of words? If so what's the most you've ever achieved?

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