Saturday, 21 May 2011

An apocalypse of biblical proportions

I'm scheduling this post. So as it goes on the internet I may be in the throws of a rapturous apocalypse. Here is a piece of very relevant flash fiction.

I’m on the hill overlooking our poor city. The night sky is bathed in a glow of orange from the fires, there's no escaping them. Almost all of the surrounding forest has been engulfed in flames and the sky is thick with smoke. My lungs are suffering, every breath in tastes like decay and burning. I'm watching our world die and I'm going to go down with it.

The sounds of panic are still rolling through the air. Every scream shocks my body and makes my knees weak, even though that's all I've heard for the past 15 hours.

Everyone had been talking about how the world was going to begin its end today. I laughed and joked with everyone else saying how I wouldn’t be involved in the ascent to heaven. I’d be going straight to hell.

I don’t know the particulars of heaven and hell or the mode of transport you’re suppose to take to get to either, but all the fire, zombies and earthquakes feels very much like hell to me.

I suppose I’m safe for now but all the lines of communication are down, people are panicking and no one is dying. The reanimated corpses (this includeds skeletons) are trying to kill people but they just pop back to life seconds later. I don’t want to be a reanimated corpse in hell.

This is the apocalypse, a hot, bloody, dark apocalypse of biblical proportions. Who ever thought the end of the world would be down to God.

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