Friday, 2 March 2012

Research and absence

I was doing some research for Sanctuary (an excuse, really, for not writing) while in London. I floated around Westminster, hopped through some Tube stations and was filled with glee when I found a pub call the Sherlock Holmes.

I also found this:
A real Sanctuary on top of my fictional one. There's also a pub nearby of the same name. I don't know what to think or say! It seems like I have inadvertently given my location some back story without knowing it. Perhaps the base was named after the location it was under.

I haven't really posted here because I haven't been writing. Not properly anyway. I've lost all want to write the novels that I've been working on and I have no desire to start anything new. I have been writing down anything that does come to me but generally it tends to fall into the realm of fan fiction that I'd never share. In fact, my 750words is full of awful drivel but at least I'm keeping the words flowing.

I also entered a Future Food writing competition. A short piece that I quite liked but don't expect to get anywhere with.

I suppose I have to keep slogging away hoping the muse will return. For now it's snippets of novels and all the fan fiction my head can contain. I think if work were less busy then at least I'd be able to force myself to write. However, I've never been this busy. I'm exhausted!

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